5 Ways to Drink More Water & Help Your Smile

You’re probably aware of the need to drink more water during the summer months. You are more active and lose more liquid as you sweat. Truth is, most of us need to consume more water any time of the year. It does great things for your smile – and the rest of your body too.

Specific to your smile, water helps rinse away harmful bacteria that can result in cavities and gum disease. It also helps remove food debris from your mouth. 

Check out Dallas Street Dental’s tips on how to drink more water:

  • Substitute Water for Other Drinks – Many drinks contain lots of sugar and/or acid. Both of these substances are bad for your teeth. They weaken your tooth enamel and make you more prone to cavities. Plain water is by far the best choice for your oral health. Swap out other drinks for water. For example, if you drink two sodas a day, substitute a glass of water for one of them instead. You’ll enjoy other benefits too, such as consuming fewer calories and potentially losing weight.
  • Remind Yourself to Drink Water – Keep reusable water bottles in prominent places such as in your car, on your desk at work, or on the kitchen counter. These visual reminders will help prompt you to drink more. You can also set reminders on your phone to refill your water bottle. 
  • Make It a Habit – Try to establish set times to have a drink of water. Some good times are: first thing in the morning (may help you feel more awake and alert), just before bed (may help prevent bad breath and dry mouth), and before meals (may help you consume less food). 
  • Eat Foods With High Water Content – You can make food part of your daily water intake. Melon is a delicious example. Most melons are about 90 percent water. Foods high in both water and fiber, like celery, can work almost like a natural toothbrush. They help remove harmful substances from your teeth. 
  • Add Flavor to Your Water – A tasty way to drink more water is to add flavoring. The best choices will contain little if any sugar or acid. Good options include cucumber, fresh berries, melon, and herbs like mint or basil. Be careful of flavored waters and add-ins sold at the store. Check the ingredients for sugar and acidic substances such as citric acid. 

We’re happy to talk to you about other healthy habits at your next exam and cleaning. If you need to schedule one, call us in Fort Smith, AR at 479-668-3109. Or you can schedule online.