6 Ways to Keep Tooth Enamel Strong

The enamel on your teeth is the strongest substance in your body. It is made up mostly of hydroxyapatite, a mineral form of calcium phosphate. As strong as it is, though, it can’t repair itself the way your skin can. Because of this, it’s important to take steps to keep your tooth enamel strong.

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  • Don’t Use Teeth as Tools – As dentists, it pains us to watch this video of Hailey Bieber opening bottles with her teeth. Never use your teeth to open bottles or packages. Also don’t bite down on ice, popcorn kernels, or other hard substances. Even biting fingernails endangers your enamel. 
  • Watch How You Brush – Over time, vigorous brushing can wear away your tooth enamel, leaving your teeth more susceptible to disease. Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle touch to clean your teeth. Don’t brush right after consuming sugary or acidic substances, as your enamel is especially prone to damage then. 
  • Get a Mouthguard – If you play sports, ask us about a custom-made athletic mouthguard to protect your teeth from injury. We can also make you a mouthguard that will stop you from grinding your teeth, a habit that can crack, chip, or even break teeth.
  • Cut Down on Sweets – Bacteria in your mouth convert sugar to acid, which weakens your enamel. One of the worst dietary offenders is soda. Most sodas contain lots of sugar and acid. Plus, if you sip soda throughout the day, you’re giving it plenty of time to do a number on your teeth. Drink water instead. 
  • Consume Calcium – Dairy products like cheese and yogurt contain calcium, a substance that strengthens enamel and helps counteract acids in your mouth. Leafy greens also contain substances that are good for your enamel. 
  • Ask About Fluoride – Use toothpaste with fluoride, which makes your enamel more resistant to decay and can even reverse early-stage decay. If you’re cavity prone, you can get applications of fluoride in our office. 

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