Gain Your Independence by Ditching Bad Dentures

Independence Day is sure to be a special time of celebration this year if you’re spending it with loved ones you haven’t had the opportunity to see in a while. If you’re hosting, you probably have a lot to get ready for (unless you like to plan ahead). That includes everything you need for the backyard cookout.

Problem is, you can’t really enjoy your cookout if you have bad dentures. You might be buying corn on the cob, but you’re watching others eat it. You might season or grill the meat, but you can’t bite down into it. Not to even mention the trouble you have to go through to keep your teeth in your mouth when you just want to have an authentic conversation or laugh with someone.

Eating, talking, laughing, and smiling are part of being human. We believe no human – regardless of why they don’t have their teeth anymore – should live without these basic rights and privileges. That’s why we are trained in implant dentistry.

Talk to us in person about the independence you can experience without bad dentures. Just call 479-668-3109.

Restore Many Freedoms in Life With Implants

Implants are the only tooth replacement option that mimics real, healthy teeth. That’s because we place them in your jawbone, where they integrate with the bone. This firm foundation is what supports your new dentures or bridge so you can:

  • Eat anything you want again, from corn on the cob to steak to crunchy apples
  • Go out to eat and socialize without loose dentures embarrassing you
  • Improve your health by introducing more nutritious foods in your diet
  • Improve your digestion because you can chew your food well
  • Boost your dental health by improving your jawbone health and strength
  • Slow the aging process thanks to improved bone structure in your face and by avoiding the telltale sinking of your face that dentures can cause
  • Smile as often as you feel like it, making you appear friendlier and more outgoing
  • Laugh and sing with your mouth wide open
  • Feel confident enough to seek after your career and relationship goals
  • Feel comfortable with teeth that don’t cause sores or pain
  • Improve your smile’s appearance and therefore your overall appearance
  • Make positive first impressions
  • Care for your new teeth like you would your real teeth, with some implant options
  • Finally have teeth you can keep for life
  • Be free to be yourself without holding back your real personality

We Work Hard to Remove Obstacles

It’s common for people to hesitate when it comes to giving up their loose dentures. Some people would rather continue living with bad dentures than get implants because they feel they are out of reach.

We work hard and listen to our patients’ reservations so we can remove these obstacles to your new smile.

  • Cost – We accept insurance and CareCredit financing so your costs are within reach.
  • Pain – Not only will we numb your mouth so you don’t feel pain during treatment, but we can also administer sedation to keep you completely calm. Of course, modern methods, patient amenities, and skilled professionals make a difference in contributing to gentle care.
  • ResultsChoosing the right office to place your implants is crucial. With our dentists’ extensive training and hands-on skill, as well as our close coordination to make sure y we meet your goals, you can be confident we’ll exceed your expectations.
  • Convenience – We keep all your care here in one place so you save time and hassle. You don’t have to worry about going to different offices where your care and communication about your treatment might not be coordinated. We handle your planning, placement, restoration, follow-up, and finances right here.

Take the First Step to Freedom

You don’t have to be dependent on loose dentures. Implants give you the freedom to do what you deserve in life. Call 479-668-3109 for an appointment in Fort Smith to discuss life-changing implants at Dallas Street Dental. You can also schedule online.

Happy Independence Day!