Get Back to Routine Dental Care This Year

If you’re someone who enjoys setting goals for self-improvement at the start of a new year, then you’ve probably already given some thought to reaching a better state of health.

Like many people, that may include shedding a few holiday pounds or wanting to get in better shape overall. 

That can do wonders for your body, but no amount of time spent in the gym will make up for an unhealthy mouth.

So if it’s been a long time since you’ve seen the dentist, today’s message is especially for you!

If anyone understands the impact that past trauma in the dental chair can have on a person, it’s Nicholas, the patient in today’s video. 

Check out his testimonial to hear how he discovered Dallas Street Dental and why he’s finally found a practice that makes his comfort a top priority!

With our friendly team, warm and welcoming atmosphere, and sedation options, you never have to let fear keep you from having great oral and overall health and a bright smile!

Get back to routine dental care this year from a Fort Smith, AR dentist who cares about you.

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