Make A Change With Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s that time of year when the leaves are changing colors or will be soon. Seeing trees with yellow leaves can make for some gorgeous photos.

Smiling with yellow teeth, on the other hand, may leave you hesitant to take that next selfie to post to your social media. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with that stained smile. You can come to Dallas Street Dental for professional teeth whitening!

If you want your “pearly whites” to live up to their name, schedule an appointment with our dentist in Fort Smith, AR. Call 479-668-3109 now to get your bright smile back in time for the holidays!

Understand Why Teeth Become Discolored

If you want to know why your teeth becoming stained, you probably can figure it out.

Tea, soft drinks, sports drinks, alcoholic beverages, and pretty much anything that isn’t water can add to the stains on your smile. Likewise, most of the foods you’ll find at a pregame tailgate, family gatherings, restaurants, and your kitchen are likely to leave a little something behind.

If you use tobacco products, those changes can happen even faster.

Over time, it’s practically inevitable that your smile will lose some of its shine. This doesn’t happen overnight, which is why most people don’t notice these changes for years or even decades.

When you are aware that stained teeth are normal, you’ll also appreciate that you are in control of the situation. You can take action to give your smile a deep clean for a more attractive appearance.

We’ve also witnessed the effect this can have on our patients in other ways. People who were ashamed to let anyone see their teeth started smiling big and wide after their whitening treatment. In other words, you may be doing more than giving your smile a boost. You could be boosting your self-confidence at the same time.

Get The Results You Really Want

You also should be aware that there is a difference between professional whitening, which we offer, and the commercial whitening products you can buy in stores.

The effectiveness of commercial products can vary widely. Whitening toothpaste, for instance, can remove some surface stains. Some whitening gels and strips may go a little deeper, but more patients than we can count have told us that they still didn’t get the results they were expecting with these products. A few unfortunate individuals even suffered some damage to their gums or teeth from overuse of these kinds of whitening products.

Professional whitening products are stronger. They work faster and they remove deeper stains. Our in-office Zoom Whitening can make your smile up to 10 shades whiter in a single appointment. The Glo Science Professional Dual Whitening System uses a combination of in-office and home treatments to give you the brightest possible smile.

Feel Great About Your Smile

Don’t be unhappy with your smile. You can take control by getting professional teeth whitening at our Fort Smith, AR office. For an even bigger impact, combine whitening with other cosmetic services for a complete smile makeover.

Call 479-668-3109 now or contact us online to request your appointment at Dallas Street Dental.