Reveal a Healthier Smile by Repairing Dental Damage

As you look ahead to the new year, what kind of goals are you setting for your smile? If you have damaged or diseased teeth, repairing dental damage should be your top priority. We offer a wide variety of ways we can get your smile back in top shape. When you come in for a visit, we may recommend:

  • Tooth fillings to repair cavities or minor damage
  • Dental crowns to cover up larger cavities or repair significant damage
  • Inlays or onlays for large cavities that are too big for a filling but don’t need a crown
  • Root canal to get rid of the infection in your tooth 
  • Dental bridge to replace one or several missing teeth in a row

Take the first step towards a more attractive, healthier smile by making an appointment. Call 479-668-3109 or schedule online for a visit at Dallas Street Dental in Fort Smith, AR.

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