You Have Good Reasons To Try Orthodontic Care

This year, don’t forget to get yourself something. Give yourself the gift of a straight smile!

If you have wanted to try orthodontic care, then now is the time to do something. Here are three reasons why you should.

You Have Options

At Dallas Street Dental, we offer ClearCorrect aligners and Six Month Smiles braces. Whether you want a discreet treatment or to complete your care in less time, we can help.

You Can Improve Your Health

When your teeth are straight, you can clean your teeth more effectively when you brush and floss. When your bite is aligned, you can reduce wear and tear on your teeth.

You Can Boost Your Confidence

One of the most common reasons people want orthodontic treatment is to improve the appearance of their smiles. We have also witnessed the positive effect this has had on their confidence and self-esteem

Get these benefits for yourself. Call 479-668-3109 for an appointment at Dallas Street Dental in Fort Smith, AR. You also can schedule online.