Maintain & Improve Your Family’s Oral Health

You understand the worth and value of family oral care for your loved ones. Their health and happiness is your leading concern. You wish to see their healthy smiles for many years to come, which is a terrific reason to visit your Fayetteville, AR family dentist at Dallas Street Dental on a regular basis.

Your oral health requirements will change throughout your life. We are prepared to help at every phase with our personal attention and wide array of family dentistry services include:

  • General Dentistry— Exams and cleanings are simply the start of what we can do to secure your smile. Oral sealants and fluoride treatments can help keep your family cavity-free. Plus, we provide gum services and dry mouth treatments.
  • Restorative Dentistry— When you have an oral problem, it’s best to repair or replace your teeth as soon as you are able. Choose any of our treatments to make your teeth and your smile whole again.
  • Teeth Implants— You want your replacement teeth to function as well as successfully as natural teeth. With these root replacements, you can be positive that you can eat the food that you wish to consume.
  • Dental surgery— You can spare yourself a journey to an expert’s office. We can perform tooth extractions (consisting of wisdom teeth) and other dental surgeries right here in our office.
  • Cosmetic Dental Care— You can have the smile of your dreams! Whether you desire a total smile transformation or an easy repair, we offer the sort of services that can improve your smile.
  • TMJ Therapy— Millions of people clench and grind their teeth without knowing that they do. This can lead to TMJ disorders and symptoms like jaw pain and frequent headaches. A nightguard could be just what you need to stop the damage and get remedy for your pain.

You or somebody you appreciate may have difficulty going to the dentist due to dental stress and anxiety. This is why our sedation and comfort choices and contemporary technology can be vital. Unwind and take pleasure in practically pain-free appointments with us!

Call 479-668-3109 today to make your consultation at Dallas Street Dental. Bring your loved ones and their smiles to a family dentist in Fayetteville, AR who appreciates your goals and needs. We eagerly anticipate conference you quickly! You can also contact us online.