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Teeth Whitening

Erase Years From Your Smile!

  • Remove stubborn stains in one appointment
  • Whiten when it’s convenient with take-home kits
  • Make teeth whitening part of a larger makeover

Reveal a Radiant Smile With Teeth Whitening in Fort Smith

Bring back your bright smile so your “pearly whites” live up to their name. Don’t settle for a dingy smile. If life has given your teeth a dull look, teeth whitening in Fort Smith will restore their luster. Our professional whitening treatments can:

  • Remove deep stains from your smile
  • Perform better than products from a drugstore
  • Make your teeth several shades brighter in a single appointment
  • Give you a more youthful, healthy appearance
  • Renew your confidence in your smile

Call Dallas Street Dental today at 479-668-3109 to schedule your whitening treatment. This is one of our most popular and simplest cosmetic fixes for a better smile.

Find Your Best Option for Brilliant Teeth

Many patients have come to us for professional whitening after they tried and were disappointed with drugstore whitening solutions. Professional products are stronger and more effective than what you will find in the toothpaste aisle. At our practice, you have your choice of multiple whitening solutions:

  • Zoom Whitening – In about an hour, your smile could be up to 10 shades brighter. This is done with three 15-minute applications of bleaching gel in our office.
  • Sheer White! Professional Whitening Strips – Teeth whitening strips are comfortable, easy to use, and very safe. These deliver fantastic results for many of our patients.
  • Custom Whitening Trays – Ensure the best results. After taking impressions of your teeth, we make custom whitening trays to keep your whitening solution where it will be the most effective.

Many people start with in-office treatment, then use whitening trays to maintain their bright smile for years. For an even bigger impact, choose whitening as part of a total smile makeover. Whitening after orthodontic treatment or before getting veneers can dramatically upgrade your smile.

Once you have your brighter smile, you want to keep it looking its best. Come back to see us regular for professional cleanings and exams.

Call 479-668-3109 for teeth whitening in Fort Smith, AR at Dallas Street Dental. You can also schedule an appointment online.

Common Questions About General Dentistry
Will teeth whitening whiten fillings?

Teeth whitening won’t change the appearance of tooth fillings or of any other restorations, like veneers and crowns. The best way to keep your restorations looking bright is to practice good oral hygiene and to see us regularly for professional cleanings. We can often polish away any surface discoloration.

Is teeth whitening painful?

The teeth whitening process is not painful; however, some patients experience mild teeth sensitivity to hot and cold afterward. We use only the highest-quality whitening treatment that is specially formulated to reduce sensitivity, so any discomfort will be minimal and temporary. If you do experience teeth sensitivity, it will usually go away on its own shortly after your treatment is over.

Which teeth whitening is safest?

Professional treatments that you get from a dentist are the safest. We only use products that we know provide great results without causing negative effects. Not only that, but our team is ready to help if you experience any issues. Only a few over-the-counter products have earned the ADA’s seal of approval.