Treat Small Problems to Protect Your Smile From Damage

We use non-invasive equipment like digital X-rays and VELscope to help detect potential problems. The earlier we find these issues, the better! It’s easy to repair a small cavity with a filling, but a larger one will require a dental crown. Left untreated, bacteria can get inside your tooth and cause an infection that will require a root canal.

Cavities form when bacteria combines with sugars and carbohydrates to form a sticky film called plaque. Acids in plaque eat through your tooth enamel to cause cavities. While you can remove plaque by brushing and flossing, it’s easy to miss in areas such as between teeth or on back teeth. That’s why it’s important to see us for a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year.

We may also suggest:

  • Fluoride – Applying fluoride to teeth strengthens enamel so it’s more resistant to damage caused by plaque.
  • Dental Sealants – These thin plastic coatings keep bacteria from getting into the tough-to-clean grooves on the top of your teeth.

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