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Root Canals

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  • Ease the pain of damaged & infected teeth
  • Find fast relief with our emergency services
  • Relax during your procedure with sedation

Soothe Your Aching Tooth With Root Canals in Fort Smith

Our dentists want you to be happy and pain-free. That’s why we’re here to ease your toothaches with root canals in Fort Smith. If left untreated, cavities, cracks, or other dental damage allows bacteria to get into the soft center of your tooth. It causes a painful infection that can lead to tooth loss. We’ll help you prevent that with a root canal procedure. It will:

  • End the pain and sensitivity caused by infection
  • Let you keep your tooth, avoiding an extraction and the added cost of a tooth replacement like a dental implant
  • Keep infection from spreading to your gums, your jaw, and even other areas of your body
  • Allow you to chew food without discomfort

Call us ASAP at 479-668-3109 if you experience a toothache, a tooth sensitive to hot or cold, or other symptoms that may indicate you need root canal therapy. If possible, we’ll provide same-day emergency care. If you’re an established patient and your toothache occurs after hours, you can reach us through our emergency line.

Feel Calm & Relaxed With Your Choice of Dental Sedation

While root canal therapy has a negative reputation, it is undeserved. We’ll ensure your procedure goes smoothly with:

  • Dentists who have performed countless root canal procedures in their years of practice
  • Technology like digital X-rays and a dental laser to keep your treatment as quick and comfortable as possible
  • Effective local anesthesia to numb your mouth for the procedure

If you’re still nervous or worried about discomfort, you can receive one of two forms of dental sedation: an oral sedative or laughing gas. We’ll help you decide which method is right for you. You’ll want to consider:

  • Level of Awareness – With laughing gas, you’ll experience a sense of euphoria but will remain largely aware of your surroundings. Taking an oral sedative keeps you less aware of sights, sounds, and smells. You’ll be able to communicate with us either way.
  • Time to Take Effect – It can take 30 to 60 minutes to fully feel an oral sedative’s effects. So we often recommend taking it at home and having someone drive you to our office. You’ll feel the effects of laughing gas almost immediately after you begin inhaling it through a small mask over your nose.
  • How Long Effects Last – An oral sedative leaves you groggy for several hours, so you’ll need to arrange a ride home. Laughing gas wears off so quickly you’ll be able to drive yourself if you’d like.

Call us at 479-668-3109 for an appointment at Dallas Street Dental. You can also request an appointment online. Feel better in no time with comfortable root canals in Fort Smith, AR.

Common Questions About Root Canals
Why have a root canal?

If the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected, you’ll need to have a root canal or remove the tooth. Otherwise, the infection can worsen and spread to your jaw and even elsewhere in your body, causing potentially serious health issues. You’ll recover more easily from a root canal than an extraction, and it keeps your tooth structure in place.

Are root canals painful?

Although root canals have been made out to be the bad guy of dentistry, they are actually very beneficial. In the right hands, a root canal treatment doesn’t produce any more discomfort than you would experience from getting a tooth filling. Even so, we’ll use local anesthetic to ensure a comfortable procedure. Sedation is always available as well.

What does a root canal do?

When we perform a root canal procedure, it is because the soft inner portion of the tooth (known as the pulp) has become infected. For this procedure, your dentist will access the pulp through the top of the tooth, clean it out, sanitize and shape the root canals, and seal the tooth back. This treatment allows us to save your tooth while stopping your pain.