Get A Better Smile With Aligners

  • Achieve a straight smile more quickly & comfortably
  • Feel confident while improving your smile
  • Avoid dealing with brackets & wires

Take the Metal Out of Orthodontics With ClearCorrect in Fort Smith

You can get your smile in line without metal brackets and wires. There’s no need for all the hardware with clear aligners. Our team has transformed many smiles with ClearCorrect in Fort Smith, AR. This orthodontic treatment is:

  • Affordable – ClearCorrect aren’t the only aligners available, but they typically cost less than some other aligners.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Your aligners are made of biodegradable plastic. The company manufactures and ships their products using recycled materials too.
  • Incremental – Some companies create your complete set of aligners all at once. Because treatments can change, ClearCorrect instead makes your aligners in batches. This makes it easier to adjust your treatment, if needed, to give you the best results.
  • American Made – These aligners are made in Round Rock, TX. The company’s support operations are based there, too.

Call 479-668-3109 to schedule a consultation at Dallas Street dental. Find out if you are a good candidate to use aligners for your orthodontic treatment. Every smile is different, which is why we also offer fast-acting Six Month Smiles. Let’s work together to find the best treatment for your teeth!

Experience a Clear Path to Your New Smile

Braces are an effective treatment for crooked smiles, but you may not be interested in wearing brackets and wires on your teeth. ClearCorrect gives you a discreet way to achieve your smile goals. This isn’t the only benefit of aligners, though. You also get these advantages:

  • Comfort – Smooth aligners won’t irritate your soft tissues with bracket or wires.
  • Convenience – You can remove aligners before meals and for your daily oral hygiene.
  • Customization – Using 3-D software, your aligners are designed to fit your teeth at each step of your treatment.
  • Simplicity – Unlike braces, you won’t need frequent appointments to adjust them. Instead, you will change aligners every few weeks.
  • Time Savings – Braces can take 18 months or longer to work, while many ClearCorrect patients complete their care in about 12 months.

It may go without saying, but aligners work, too. They can fix crossbites, crowding, underbites, overbites, and more.

Call 479-668-3109 or schedule online to set up your consultation. Find out if ClearCorrect in Fort Smith, AR is right for you.

Common Questions About ClearCorrect
Is ClearCorrect visible?

Barely. Unlike classic braces made of stark metal brackets and wires, these modern orthodontic aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable, clear plastic that is virtually invisible. This means you won’t draw any unwanted attention to the construction zone in your mouth, and there won’t be any awkward questions or stares from onlookers during your months of treatment.

How does ClearCorrect work?

ClearCorrect uses a series of clear plastic aligners that fit over your teeth to move them into the correct positions. You’ll progress through a series of aligners during your treatment, wearing each set for about two weeks before moving to the next set. In a matter of months, you could have a brand-new smile you’ll be proud to show off.

When will I see results from ClearCorrect?

Unlike traditional braces that force you to wear metal brackets and wires for two or three long years, ClearCorrect clear aligners can deliver amazing results in months – usually about 12. Obviously it is different for everyone, but the sooner you get started on your transformative journey, the sooner you will get to enjoy that stunningly straight smile.

Why is ClearCorrect faster than braces?

Most patients who wear their ClearCorrect aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours a day will complete their orthodontic treatment in less time than with braces. This largely has to do with how ClearCorrect moves teeth into place. Metal braces move each tooth individually, while aligners apply gentle force to all your teeth at once.

Is ClearCorrect painful?

Your ClearCorrect aligners will be comfortable because they don’t contain any metal or pointed edges that can irritate sensitive areas in your mouth. Most of our patients report little or no trouble getting used to the aligners. They will fit snugly over your teeth and gently shift them into their ideal positions.