Sedation Options

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  • Improve your oral health with pain-free dentistry
  • Feel relaxed with your choice of dental sedation
  • Return for routine appointments with confidence

Get Beyond Dental Fear With Sedation Options in Fort Smith

Feeling comfortable at the dentist’s office is easy with sedation options in Fort Smith, AR. Like an untreated cold that gets into your lungs and turns into pneumonia, unchecked dental anxiety can become full-on fear that prevents you from getting the dental care you need. To put your anxiety behind you, take advantage of dental sedation. You’ll also appreciate:

  • Expert treatment from dentists with almost four decades of combined experience between them
  • Full explanations of your treatment so you know what is going on
  • A caring team who understands how to make you feel relaxed
  • Longer appointments, if you need more time
  • Effective local anesthesia to numb your mouth
  • Patient-friendly technology like a laser for comfortable treatment

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Find the Relaxation Method That Works for You

At our office you’ll find a full range of services, from dental cleanings to dental implants. You can receive all your care from a team you know and trust. You’ll also find diversions like complimentary Wi-Fi and TVs in every treatment room to keep you entertained.

Because every dental procedure is different, you can choose the kind of sedation that’s best for you:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Also called laughing gas, you’ll relax right away after inhaling this light sedative through a small mask over your nose. It wears off fast too, with no grogginess, so you can drive yourself home after your procedure. Even young children can receive laughing gas.
  • Oral Sedative – We’ll provide you with a safe prescription pill that you’ll typically take at home before your appointment. You’ll arrive at our office already feeling relaxed and stay that way throughout your treatment. You’ll feel groggy for several hours, so you’ll need a ride home.

Dental sedation is useful if you have a sensitive gag reflex, have sensitive teeth or gums, find it difficult to remain still during treatment, or you are undergoing a lengthy procedure – or even several procedures at once.

Call 479-668-3109 for an easy appointment at Dallas Street Dental. You can also schedule an appointment online. Experience dental care in a whole new way with our sedation options in Fort Smith, AR.

Common Questions About Sedation Options
Does sedation dentistry work for most patients?

Over the years, we have found that most patients respond well to our sedation options. If you tend to suffer from dental anxiety, we have a sedation method that will work for you. Our goal is to help you relax as much as possible so you can get the care your smile needs. We’ll do our best to make sure your procedure is completely pleasant.

What sedation options are available to me?

At Dallas Street Dental, we offer you beneficial sedation options. You’ll have a choice between inhaled sedation with laughing gas and oral conscious sedation in pill form. Laughing gas works immediately to give you a head-to-toe feeling of lightness, while oral sedation takes longer to work but provides a deeper level of sedation.

What should I expect after dental sedation?

If you choose inhaled sedation with laughing gas, the effects of the sedative will vanish immediately after your exam or procedure. You should have no problem safely driving yourself home. With oral conscious sedation, the pill’s effects will linger for a few hours, so you’ll need a trusted friend or family member to drive you home afterward.