Visit Your Fort Smith Restorative Dentist Before Vacation

Do you have travel plans this spring? If you do, think about all the fun things you can do during your trip. Then imagine being derailed by a painful dental problem! That’s exactly what you don’t want during a well-deserved vacation, so be sure to visit your Fort Smith, AR restorative dentist before you leave.

We get it. Life is busy, and that’s why we aren’t always in a hurry to schedule a dental appointment the second the hygienist finds a cavity or suggests replacing an old crown during a checkup.

But it’s well worth your time to let us take care of any untreated issues with your teeth so your spring break isn’t spent in a dental chair far from home. A tooth-colored filling or a new restoration now could be what stands in the way of some rest and relaxation later, especially after you’ve already invested in nonrefundable reservations.

Your restorative dentist in Fort Smith is here to help and wish you happy trails on your spring holiday!

Call 479-668-3109 or schedule online for an appointment at Dallas Street Dental in Fort Smith, AR.

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